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11.03.15, Merkel NEWS 2015

The goal of the broad-based stock development was a complete collection of rifles for huntresses. Special stocks were respectively developed for the Helix bolt-action rifle, the K3 single-shot rifle and the B3/4-Line. The new rifle models are called Lady DS referring to a play on words in French: It uses the linguistic consonance of déesse (meaning goddess) and the letters D and S. In fact, even if the new rifles do not promise a divine shooting position, they do offer a considerable aid in achieving it.

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10.12.13, The Helix in "Wild Boar Fever 5"

„Wild Boar Fever“ is probably the most popular hunting movie in recent years. The fifth part of the cult film series once again shows impressively big wild boar. But the Merkel Helix plays a prominent role this time: hunters used different models of the bolt-action rifle for this movie. Thus the Helix could uphold its reputation for extremely fast straight-pull bolt action. >> Trailer on youtube – from now on “Wild Boar Fever 5” will be available in stores. A longer special edition of the trailer is shown on the Hunters Video website. All you need is a free registration.

04.04.13, Brand new Helix models on IWA 2013

Three brand new Helix models named Noblesse, Alpinist and Sportster attracted at the IWA tradefair in Nuremberg great interest. Merkel has developed a functional modular system around its intuitive linear bolt-action rifle. Thanks to the take-down system each Helix can be optimized for different purposes in a few steps. For example by offering different stock and barrel variations: Elegant wood, thumbhole stock, or more robust and lightweight plastic with adjustable cheek piece. Merkel offers additionally new barrel versions in all Helix calibers - particularly fluted and semiweight versions. The news brochure is now available for >>scrolling or >>download.

29.08.12, The ultimate shooting system

Nick Harvey from the Australian Sporting Shooter magazine has tested the Helix. In a three-page-report he explains, that he ist impressed by accuracy, flexibility and intuitive handling of the new rifle concept: „Merkel’s RX-Helix represents a new
flexibility in parts interchangeability. A single receiver serves as the basis for a
multi-barreled rifle in standard or magnum calibres, but the changeover can be made
faster and more easily than ever before.“

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19.11.10, First impressions

About 200 hunters took already part to the Helix Challenge to test the performance of our new bolt action. We group their first reactions together in a small video. The pictures and comments show us well the rapidity and the precision of this new star.

07.07.10, Merkel Cup 2010

Dear cup’s participants and dear guests,

Thank you all for taking part to this event. This year, the competition was a real success again. A success which hadn’t be possible without the competitors, referees, voluntaries, the shooting range’s team and our sponsors ( Frankonia& Analytik Jena / Docter Optik Eisfeld)
It is for this reason that we will organize the same competition next year. You can already find the registration form of our website.

12.03.10, RX.HELIX

Curtains up for the RX.HELIX

Finally, as announced, Merkel is to present the RX.HELIX - the bolt action rifle of the 21st century - at the IWA & OutdoorClassics 2010. Please visit www.rx-helix.com to get an idea of why we are so proud of this revolutionary hunting gun. In the best gunmaking tradition and using the latest technologies, we have developed a bolt action rifle that is unmatched in terms of safety, handling and ergonomics.

07.03.10, Merkel invites you to the Helix Challenge 2010

At the beginning of this year, we presented our new bolt action to the professionals. Now, it’s time for you to discover the RX Helix. We invite all the hunters to test this new generation of gun in every shooting cinema of Germany. Professionals will take part to this day to advise and to guide you during this new experience.

On the other hand, you could already apply for the Helix Monteria, a Spanish driven hunt to which we will invite 7 hunters. Because of long distance shooting and rapid rearmament, the RX Helix is evidently the perfect weapon for this adventure.

You could find the registration form and further information of helix-challenge.com. We are waiting for you!

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