Bergstutzendrilling 96LD

Bergstutzendrilling 96LD

The Bergstutzen drilling is a typical gun used on a high seat for a single shot. With two rifle barrels of different caliber and one shotgun barrel, this drilling is a gun that offers every opportunity to the hunter, whatever game he encounters in the glade. The set trigger on both triggers enables a precision shot with both rifle barrels.

Merkel Mood Drillinge
Merkel Mood Drillinge
Merkel Mood Drillinge

Technical Data


Bergstutzendrilling / Triple-lock system (Blitz system) with manual shotgun barrel cocking / Steel bascule / Manual cocking lever / Greener locking mechanism with double underlug locking / combined saftey and cocking lever on the handle of the stock


small calibre: 5,6x52R / .222 Rem.
large calibre: 7x65R / .30R Blaser / 8x57IRS / 9,3x74R
Shotgun calibre: 20/76
Chokes: 1/2 / incl. Steel shot proofing


Set trigger in both triggers


approx. 3,2 kg


Overall length 98 cm (at 55 cm barrel length)


with driven hunt sights / Optional: Spare barrels


Pistol grip / Hogs back comb / with cheek piece / Rubber butt plate
Optional: further stock variations possible / Custom stock making
Woodclasses: from 4


hand-made hunting motive engraving
Optional: hand-made arabesque engraving


prepared for Suhl swing mount
Optional: Swing mount / Bridge swing mount


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