Single Shot Rifle K4

Alexander Florstedt (1863-1929) was a famous writer on hunting at the beginning of the 20th Century. The Carpathian Mountains were not only his favourite hunting grounds; he also composed the standard work on hunting in this magical mountain range in Eastern Europe. In line with his needs and according to his detailed requirements, Merkel developed the first Carpathian rifle. The current version of this traditional rifle is the K4. Its distinctive marks are the octagonal barrel and the steel receiver. The K4 thereby brings more stabilising mass to the scales – important for a steady firing position. A rifle exactly to the specifications laid down by Florstedt, an advocate of the precision single shot. The K4 is available in “Jagd” design – also with colour case rifle.

Technical Data


Single-shot rifle / Jaeger tilted block locking mechanism with steel bascule / Hand cocking lock with smoothly running cocking lever on the handle of the stock


Standard calibre: 6,5x65R / 7x57R / 7x65R / .308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / .30R Blaser / 8x57IRS / 9,3x74R
Magnum calibre: .300 Win. Mag. / 7mm Rem. Mag. / other calibres upon request


adjustable fine tuned trigger (3 positions at approx. 400g / approx. 600g / approx 800g)


approx. 2,8 kg


Overall length 101 cm (at 60 cm barrel length)


with sights / octagonal barrel
Optional: Spare barrels


Hogs back comb / Bavarian cheek piece / Rubber butt plate
Woodclasses: from 4
Optional: Left handed stock / Custom stock making / Lady-DS-stock / engraved pistol grip caps


Hunting motive / Jena / Weimar / Erfurt / Suhl


prepared for Suhl tilt up mount / Optional: Mounting basis Weaver rail / Suhl tilt up mount


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