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HELIX NOBLESSE: innovation and passion – perfected with craftsmanship.

The driven hunt specialist: Helix with Explorer synthetic stock, 5+1 round magazine and semiweight barrel.

The Helix is the latest bolt action rifle in the MEM range from Merkel – it combines state-of-the-art hunting rifle construction with functions that set new standards. The true linear bolt action rifle works blindingly fast with a transmission unit. Neither the bolt handle nor the cylinder breech move towards the shooter’s eye – the system housing is closed at the rear. This creates perfect conditions for bolt action shooting.


Actual 2:1 trans-mission ratio in the straight-pull action for the fastest possible bolt-action shooting.

Solid bolt head with six locking lugs.

High reserves: 5+1 magazine (for std. caliber) or 3+1 magazine.

Barrel and calibre change without tools (Take-Down).

Linear bolt action rifle, closed system housing, manual cocking lever.

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