Scope mounts

The mount joins the gun and the scope. It is the guarantee of a constant point of impact. It must suit the rifle and its characteristics.

Dentler Basis for Helix

The Dentler mountfor the Helix consists out of two parts: Mounting and basis rail. The basis rail is screwed on the Picatinny-profile of the Helix. A clamping lever fixates the scope in the positioning notches via a pull and push movement. This creates absolute repeating accuracy when swapping the scope, even if the scope is changed a lot, and guarantees a consistent hit ratio.

Dentler Basis Vario for Helix

The expensive scope fits more than one gun with this. The Dentler Basis Vario makes them compatible and the exchange comes without additional cost. In the beginning, all scopes are adjusted to all guns with this system. Afterwards, they are interchangeable without readjustment. Practically speaking, this means: After choosing the gun, the desired scope is mounted – finished.

Suhl Tilt-up mount (SAM) for B- & K-Class

This mount model requires 4 adaption slots in the barrel in the barrel – this is a standard feature in the Merkel MEM KR1, B3, B4, K3 and K4 rifles. If the scope is attached, the mounting base catches directly on the barrel. A low sight line, high stability when shooting and an identical point of impact can be taken for granted.

Suhl pivot mount

This is right mount if different scopes are to be used. Upon attachment the scope is fixed at a point 90 degrees to the barrel and then pivoted to the barrel axis in the mounting base.

Dentler Basis for B- & K-classes

Four receivers on the barrel are the standard Suhl tilt up mount basis on the rifles of the B- and K-classes. The Dentler basis rail noticeably locks into the mounting basis. A low line of sight, highest shot stability and identical points of impact are given by locking the scope into the basis rail.

Weaver rail and mounts for the SR1

The Weaver rail was the world’s first rail system for mounting scopes on guns. It allows for a quick and self-repeating mounting of the scope and is a widely accepted, cheap mount.