5-year warranty

Merkel Jagd- und Sportwaffen GmbH grants a 5-year warranty on all Merkel products in addition to the statutory warranty. Please complete the following guarantee form within 14 days (date of purchase) and attach a photo or scan of the proof of purchase.

The guarantee and warranty period begins on the date of sale. The warranty claims only apply to the first purchaser of the Merkel weapon who is resident in the country of purchase. The detailed guarantee conditions of Merkel Jagd- und Sportwaffen GmbH can be found below.

Warranty form

For the 5-year guarantee, please fill in the following fields completely and send us a picture of your proof of purchase

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Warranty conditions

  1. Additionally to the statutory warranty,Merkel Jagd- und Sportwaffen GmbH offers a five year warranty on all Merkel products. To claim this warranty, it is necessary to send back the warranty card signed and stamped by your dealer within 14 days after your purchase.

  2. The guarantee and warranty period begins on the date of sale.

  3. The warranty claims are only applicable to the first buyer of the Merkel gun, who is living in the country where the gun was bought.

  4. The warranty is only applicable to metal and plastic parts of the weapon, as well as original Merkel accessories.

  5. To claim warranty repairs, the gun has to be given to the Merkel dealer, where it was bought. The danger and costs for sending the gun to and from Merkel are covered by the customer. The danger and costs for sending the gun to and from Merkel are covered by the customer.

  6. The warranty service is carried out after the decision of Merkel or the authorised dealer, by repair or exchange of faulty parts. Exchanged parts become property of Merkel. Exchanged parts become property of Merkel.

  7. Carried out warranty services do not lead to an extension of the warranty of the gun.

  8.  For the time, the warranty repair takes, no loaner weapons will be provided, and neither will the cost for those be covered.

  9. The warranty does not cover additional accessories such as scopes, mounts, suppressors, …, except for original Merkel accessories.

  10. Other claims by the customer towards Merkel, especially damages (from follow up damages) and compensation are excluded.

  11. Warranty will not be granted if:
    the damages are a result of normal use of the gun (standard wear damages)
    • the instructions in the manual of the weapon are not being adhered to

    improper handling of the gun (mechanical damages)
    • damages due to a higher power, extreme weather conditions or other nature phenomena

    • repairs, working and changes to the rifles by a third party

    • removal or obliteration of inscriptions (serial numbers, proof marks, charge numbers)

    use of self-loaded ammunition or non-CIP proved ammunition
    • violation of the cleaning, storage and transport instructions of the gun listed in the manual

    • influences on parts of the weapon which are made of wood

    • influences on parts, which have a soft-touch coating

  12. The warranties on shooting patterns as well as the conditions for those are regulated for each model in the respective manual.

  13. We reserve the right to bill the resulting costs to the customers if the objections were unjustified.

  14. The contractual or statutory rights of the customer towards the dealer are not inhibited by these warranty conditions.

  15. The warranty is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.