Rifle barrel profiles K-class
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Rifle barrel profiles K-class

Every rifle barrel has the grooves and fields on the inside, required by the calibre. Calibre and twist are perfectly adjusted to each other – this results in the high precision. But also the outside barrel profile is more than a design element. Next to the standard, round barrel, Merkel manufactures different rifle barrels: This, inter alia, includes octagonal barrels, semi-weight barrels and fluted barrels. Utilising the different profiles, vibration behaviour, warmth distribution and weight can be influenced. All barrels have a similarity: they are exclusively cold forged in the company with the experience of the manufacture – made in Suhl, Germany.

Standard barrel

The standard barrel is a pragmatic and universalist, it combines good vibration behaviour and little weight with optimal tuning to the twist rate suitable to the corresponding calibre.

Merkel Läufe Kugellaufprofile Standard K-Klasse


The little bit thicker 19mm strong semi-weight barrel is heavier: The consequence of the additional weight – at the same barrel length – is an optimal weight distribution, more stability while shooting and finally a higher shot precision hit ratio. With increasing mass, the heat accumulation properties of the barrel increase via the thermic mass; it also decreases recoil through mass.

Merkel Läufe Kugellaufprofile Semiweight K-Klasse

Fluted barrel

An optical highlight with function: fluted barrels look good, save weight and cool down quicker.

Merkel Läufe Kugellaufprofile Kannerliert K-Klasse

Octagonal barrel

Optically attractive on many rifle types, but also functional: the octagonal barrel has more weight as well as better vibration behaviour.

Merkel Läufe Kugellaufprofile Achtkantlauf

Barrel with muzzle thread

The muzzle thread allows for an easy mounting of suppressors an muzzle breaks, In combination with sights, the Merkel suppressor cannot be mounted, as it sleeves over the barrel, thereby increasing the handiness of the gun.

Merkel Laeufe Kugellaufprofile Gewinde K-Klasse