HELIX Black The black model in the HELIX range is completely fitted out, and comes with an black aluminium action. With wooden stock and driven hunt sights. Available in wood-classes 2 to 10. Technical Data ... read more


HELIX Lady DS The HELIX Lady-DS is the hunting rifle from a woman’s perspective: The butt plate has been adjusted to a woman’s anatomy. A steep pistol grip allows for a relaxed use of the trigger, even with smaller hands and a strongly dampening butt plate reduces the recoil. Well ... read more

HELIX Explorer

HELIX Explorer The Explorer is the HELIX with the synthetic stock - for use in tough everyday hunting conditions. The fibreglass-reinforced composite stock material is in a dark shade of anthracite and has a soft-grip surface. The soft, low-noise material ensures a firm grip even at low temperatures. At the ... read more

HELIX Speedster

HELIX Speedster The HELIX Speedster, with its new revolutionary synthetic stock strikes out in a new direction as a hunting rifle. The top-opened OmegaGrip combines two classic stock principles into an ergonomic and fast novelty. Because the good ergonomics during the shot of classic thumbhole stock constructs only reveals its ... read more

HELIX Carbon

HELIX Carbon Premium high-tech made in Germany: The Helix Carbon is the perfect synthesis of one of the most advanced hunting rifle concepts with a new type of stock made of a composite material. The new lightness of carbon saves weight and fits the times as a countermovement, because more ... read more

HELIX Tracker

HELIX Tracker The TRACKER is the ideal professional model for the driven hunt, as well as for tracking wounded game: with its particularly short semi-weight barrel, 5-rounds magazine, driven hunt sights and a bolt handle with non-slip knob for rapid bolt action. The magazine slot incorporates a security mechanism to ... read more

HELIX Arabesque / Wild Boar

HELIX Arabesque / Wild Boar Arabesque - The Helix with classic arabesque engraving and highly-durable aluminium action. The plain elegance of the engraving is matched by the high-grade stock wood, from grade 4 upwards. Wild Boar -The stylish Helix for the driven hunt. The engraving on this high-class version depicts ... read more

HELIX Deluxe

HELIX Deluxe Distinguished and individual: engravers in Suhl etch your three chosen animals into the Helix Deluxe action - surrounded by leaves or arabesques. The fore-end and buttstock of this premium rifle are formed from finest Turkish walnut (class 7 and higher). The trigger is gold-plated and the lower receiver ... read more

HELIX Noblesse

HELIX Noblesse Finest wood for the great stage of the social hunts: the Noblesse versions Lady DS stock shines by combining precious walnut wood and applications of ebony. Furthermore this jewel possesses a gold platted trigger and bolt head. Technical Data ... read more

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