SxS Shotgun 40E / 45E / 41E

SxS Shotgun 40E / 45E / 41E The shotguns are perfectly balanced when swinging and have a comfortable recoil. Equipped with totally reliable Anson & Deeley locks. The 40E is the basis Meisterstück of the side-by-side shotgun range. Light and elegant, it sets the standard in terms of responsiveness. The ... read more

SxS Shotgun 60E / 65E / 61E

SxS Shotgun 60E / 65E / 61E This functional Meisterstück is the collector’s piece among the shotguns. Special feature: sidelocks made in Suhl by Merkel combine precision engineering with the explosive power of the intricately made V-springs - gems of the gunmakers art. The pay-back with these steel-propelled masterpieces is ... read more

O/U Shotgun 303E

O/U Shotgun 303E Since 1924 - and probably for as long as hunters exist: the 303 is the over-and-under classic among the Merkel Meisterstücks. In 1932 this rifle cost around 1550 Reichsmarks; more than the Opel P4, which cost 1400 Reichsmarks at that time. No question about it: the 303 ... read more

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