Merkel gun case

Be it the international hunting trip or for the drive to the own hunting grounds: Hunting rifles have to be transported in accordance with the law and well protected. The Merkel portfolio of solutions for this reaches from the soft-shell holster to the noble leather gun case, which even after the check in to overseas strikes a good figure.

Deluxe gun case

Fine guns – well packed. The deluxe gun case is made-to-measure for Merkel hunting guns. Whether shotguns, rifles or combination guns with interchangeable barrels – with or without scopes – everything fits neatly and well arranged in the case. Two lock secure your favourite guns. Hard-wearing outer fabric, the corners are reinforced with leather.

Small deluxe gun case

Big deluxe gun case

Helix hard protectice case

The Helix hard protective case with grip hollow. The robust case for transporting a dismantled Helix with scope and hunting utensils. Lockable with three combination locks.

Small hard protectice case

Large hard protective case

Soft case

For quickly transporting: Padded case with leather corner guards. With shoulder strap and handle, lockable.

Soft case