O/U Combination Gun 313E

O/U Combination Gun 313E

Merkel sidelock over-and-under guns leave many options open. The 12 and 20 calibre receivers can accept combination gun or double rifle barrel assemblies. Interchangeable barrel assemblies can also be installed retroactively. The exclusive features of 313E und 323E correspond to the over-and-under shotgun of this series. Both have a double trigger with articulated trigger. The stock has a pistol grip, a German cheek piece and hogback comb.

Technical Data


O/U combination gun / detachable sidelocks with hidden crank and sunburst pattern / Kersten locking mechanism with double underlug locking


Rifle calibre: 6,5x57R / 7x65R / .308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / .30R Blaser / 8x57IRS / 9,3x74R
Shotgun calibre: 12/76 / 20/76
Optional: other calibres upon request


Double trigger / with set trigger / polished triggers / Optional: further trigger options


approx. 3,5 kg


Overall length 103 cm (at 60 cm barrel length)


Optional: Ejectors


with cheek piece / Synthetic butt plate / Custom stock / three-piece fore-end
Optional: further stock variations possible
Woodclasses: from 8


english arabesques medium sized arches
Optional: individualised, hand-made engravings


Optional: Suhl claw mount / Suhl swing mount


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