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Helix Speedster OR Limited Edition

Among equipment, the colour orange has secured a place among the usual hunting colours – this is due to its safety aspects. Merkel now offers the Helix Speedster as a special edition in the OR version – with blazing orange inlays and the fitting, new Speedster knife in OR. No matter if it is night or bad weather: the blazing colour helps, that no hunter can be overlooked …

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Friends of Merkel

What kind of people are the users of a Merkel? What motivates them? What fascinates them? What do they love about hunting and the hunting rifle of their choice? We have asked the people who stand behind a Merke l…
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120 years of Merkel

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Merkel products

Dive into the world of Merkel and experience hunting magic moments –
starting at the hunting rifle, via the perfect accessories all the way to the ideal hunting equipment and clothing.

Merkel P Gewehre


Merkel P Gravuren


Merkel P Schäfte

Stocks & Wood

Merkel P Läufe


Merkel P Zubehör


Merkel P Merkelgear

Merkel Gear


Helix Speedster

The HELIX Speedster, with its new revolutionary synthetic stock strikes out in a new direction as a hunting rifle. The top-opened OmegaGrip combines two classic stock principles into an ergonomic and fast novelty …

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Merkel HLX Suppressor

The Helix’s fast action, designed for the driven hunt and repetitive shooting, requires the responsible hunter to train at the range or shooting cinema. Merkel’s new hunting suppressor is called the HLX and is made specifically for the rapid firing Helix and developed by B&T, the Swiss suppressor specialist …

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Merkel Lady

Lady DS Stock

The Helix and the single-shot rifle K3 equipped with a completely new stock, specially developed for shorter or female hunters, in different wood classes.

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Merkel Wappen

„What on earth could resemble the
pleasure of hunting?“

Carl Maria von Weber
(1786-1826), German composer