Rifle Drilling 961LS

Rifle Drilling 961LS

Merkel manufactures two special threeshot guns as uni-type drillings. Here an extra quick single trigger system comes into operation. The front trigger serves as a single trigger for the two upper rifle barrels of the rifle drilling or the two upper shotgun barrels of the shotgun drilling. This enables a rapid second shot without the need to change grip. The rear trigger is reserved for the lower rifle barrel of the rifle drilling or the lower shotgun barrel of the shotgun drilling. The 961LS versions are fitted with long side plates.

Merkel Mood Drillinge
Merkel Mood Drillinge
Merkel Mood Drillinge

Technical data


Rifle drilling / Triple-lock system (Blitz system) with manual rifle barrel cocking / Steel bascule / Greener locking mechanism with double underlug locking


large calibre: 8x57IRS / .30-06 Spring. / 9,3x74R


Double trigger: front trigger as single trigger, rear trigger for bottom rifle barrel


approx. 3,2 kg


Overall length 98 cm (at 55 cm barrel length)


Optional: Spare barrels


Pistol grip / with cheek piece / Hogs back comb / Rubber butt plate
Optional: further stock variations possible / Custom stock making
Woodclasses: from 5


hand-made hunting motive engraving
Optional: hand-made arabesque engraving


prepared for Suhl swing mount
Optional: Swing mount / Bridge swing mount


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