Engravings Masterpieces

Engraving is hand and concentration work. Hours and days, the engravers at Merkel work the hard steel and dig a living, expressive relief out of it, which finish the gun into a masterpiece. Engravings by Merkel are individual works: There are almost no boarders set to the imagination of the customer. Almost everything is possible.

JAGD – short side plates

Hand-made hunting motive engraving with animals of customer’s choice

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JAGD – long side plates

Long side plates offer the classic masterpieces room for individualised engravings: whether it is animals, ornament engravings or colour cased hardened with inlays of gold and silver. The Merkel engravers also offer very fine engraving, flat engraving, animal engraving, relief engraving or arabesques of the customers choosing.

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Special engravings

The portfolio of possibilities is large and orientates itself individually after the desires of the future owner. It reaches from English arabesques and ornaments over coler cas hardened surfaces, relief engravings, very fine and flat engraving, animal engravings, full engraving in Bulino style all the way to gold inlays.

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