HELIX Deluxe

HELIX Deluxe Distinguished and individual: engravers in Suhl etch your three chosen animals into the Helix Deluxe action - surrounded by leaves or arabesques. The fore-end and buttstock of this premium rifle are formed from finest Turkish walnut (class 7 and higher). The trigger is gold-plated and the lower receiver ... read more

HELIX Noblesse

HELIX Noblesse Finest wood for the great stage of the social hunts: the Noblesse versions Lady DS stock shines by combining precious walnut wood and applications of ebony. Furthermore this jewel possesses a gold platted trigger and bolt head. Technical Data ... read more

HELIX Custom

HELIX Custom Our hand-made and master-engraved hunting rifles, which are made to customers' orders in our manufacture are truly custom made. The core of the HELIX is, to adjust itself to the need of its owner: this philosophy is further applied in the artistic details. ... read more

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