Stock making

The stock is an essential element of shooting – it is the central ergonomic connection between the shooter and the gun. Aside from different synthetic stocks, Merkel, as a traditional hunting rifle manufacturer, puts a lot of emphasis on the traditional wooden stock. Resting in the stock storage of the manufacture are selected stock blanks of the quality “Turkish walnut” in all wood grains for forends and butt stocks.

Utilising its stock makers, Merkel offers all options between handwork and high-tech: Starting with the individually measured custom stock with carvings and hand-made checkering to wooden stocks from the CNC milling centre with laser carved checkering. Furthermore there is no limit to the surface finish: Beginning with a matte oil finish the offer goes all the way to a pore filled, high-gloss stock with a true oil finish. Additional to this, the possibility of ebony applications, different butt plates or individualised pistol grip caps is given.