HELIX Tracker

The TRACKER is the ideal professional model for the driven hunt, as well as for tracking wounded game: with its particularly short semi-weight barrel, 5-rounds magazine, driven hunt sights and a bolt handle with non-slip knob for rapid bolt action. The magazine slot incorporates a security mechanism to prevent it accidentally coming loose in the thicket. The synthetic stock has several special sling swivels attachments in the middle of the buttstock and on the barrel – this allows the TRACKER to be carried comfortably on the back. The TRACKER is available in anthracite or camo orange color.

Merkel Mood Helix Tracker
Merkel Mood Helix Tracker
Merkel Mood Helix Tracker

Technical Data


Straight-pull bolt-action rifle with a 1:2 transmission / closed system housing / real take-down / Barrel change option / 6 locking slugs turning head lock / Manual cocking lever / 5-round magazine (+1) / Bolt handle with rubber ball


Standard calibre: .308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / 8x57IS / 9,3x62


Direct trigger adjustable from approx. 900 to 1.900 gramms


approx. 2,9 kg (at 47cm barrel length)


Overall length 98 cm (at 47 cm barrel length)


Semi-weight barrel (Ø 19 mm) / i-Sight system / with sling swivel at the muzzle


Synthetic stock / straight comb / Rubber butt plate
Optional: adapter for bipod
Synthetic-colours: anthracite / camouflage-orange (soft-touch coating)


none / black system casing


integrated Picatinny profile as mounting basis
Optional: Mounting basis Weaver rail / Kilic mounts


3-round magazine (+1) / Stock key / Harris bipod


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