O/U Shotgun 303E

O/U Shotgun 303E

Since 1924 – and probably for as long as hunters exist: the 303 is the over-and-under classic among the Merkel Meisterstücks. In 1932 this rifle cost around 1550 Reichsmarks; more than the Opel P4, which cost 1400 Reichsmarks at that time. No question about it: the 303 was and is a luxury product. Its functional principles and its appearance still correspond to the original idea of the perfect over-and-under gun – but the materials used and the performance of this gun have been constantly adapted to the current state of technology. Is there a better form of sustainability than being made to last for generations?

Technical data


O/U shotgun / detachable sidelocks with hidden crank and sunburst pattern / Kersten locking mechanism with double underlug locking


Shotgun calibre: 12/76 / 20/76
Chokes: 1/2-1/1
Optional: other calibres upon request / other choke combinations possible


Double trigger / polished triggers / Optional: further trigger options


approx. 3,2 kg


Overall length 114 cm (Calibre 12, at 71 cm barrel length) / Overall length 111 cm (Calibre 20, at 68 cm barrel length)


Optional: Spare barrels


Pistol grip / with cheek piece / Synthetic butt plate / Custom stock / three-piece fore-end
Woodclasses: from 8


english arabesques medium sized arches
Optional: individualised, hand-made engravings



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