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IWA show is around the corner

Visit us at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 in Nuremberg, Hall 1 Stand 331 (March 3-6, 2017). Discover our product range and get inspired. Our team is at your disposal for any questions and is looking forward to your visit.




Our magazine invites you on a trip around the world, all the way to new Zealand and enables you to experience the magical  moments of hunting. Thereby all hunting adventurers are united by one thing – the rifle that accompanies them: The Helix has been available  for 5 years now and has become a versatile Hunting Rifle System, which is now used worldwide – especially by the continuously increasing number of huntresses, who are more and more enthusiastic about this sport. Along with the magic the rifle doesn´t miss out on hard facts either: silencer, rangefinder, ballistics and accessories are only a few keywords.  The new “Hunting Magic Moments” is also available online – to browse, scroll and as a pleasant anticipation of the next hunting experience.

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Merkel NEWS 2015

The goal of the broad-based stock development was a complete collection of rifles for huntresses. Special stocks were respectively developed for the Helix bolt-action rifle, the K3 single-shot rifle and the B3/4-Line. The new rifle models are called Lady DS referring to a play on words in French: It uses the linguistic consonance of déesse (meaning goddess) and the letters D and S. In fact, even if the new rifles do not promise a divine shooting position, they do offer a considerable aid in achieving it.

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Hunting Magic Moments

Be it elk hunting in Sweden, wild boar night hunting or chamois hunting in the mountains - hunting was and will always be about magic moments - the "Hunting Magic Moments". That's the title of our new magazine which shows how multidimensional and fascinating hunting really is. We were on tour with professional hunting experts and can tell you some exciting stories. What they all have in common: their favorite rifle is the Helix. These "Hunting Magic Moments" are now online - for browsing, reading and for anticipation of the next hunting adventure.

>> read "Hunting Magic Moments"



The Helix in "Wild Boar Fever 5"

„Wild Boar Fever“ is probably the most popular hunting movie in recent years. The fifth part of the cult film series once again shows impressively big wild boar. But the Merkel Helix plays a prominent role this time: hunters used different models of the bolt-action rifle for this movie. Thus the Helix could uphold its reputation for extremely fast straight-pull bolt action. >> Trailer on youtube – from now on “Wild Boar Fever 5” will be available in stores. A longer special edition of the trailer is shown on the Hunters Video website. All you need is a free registration.



Brand new Helix models on IWA 2013

Three brand new Helix models named Noblesse, Alpinist and Sportster attracted at the IWA tradefair in Nuremberg great interest. Merkel has developed a functional modular system around its intuitive linear bolt-action rifle. Thanks to the take-down system each Helix can be optimized for different purposes in a few steps. For example by offering different stock and barrel variations: Elegant wood, thumbhole stock, or more robust and lightweight plastic with adjustable cheek piece. Merkel offers additionally new barrel versions in all Helix calibers - particularly fluted and semiweight versions. The news brochure is now available for >>scrolling or >>download.

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