Merkel. Made in Suhl, Germany

There are regions and cities that cultivate a legacy: mechanical watches in Glashütte, lace in Brussels, red wine in Bordeaux. Suhl’s legacy is guns – since 1490 according to the latest findings. And the knowledge of making fine guns is deeply rooted in the collective memory of the people of this region. The old city of Suhl is the gateway to the Thuringian Forest. Iron ore and the wood used to fire the ironworks are easily accessible here.

Merkel is the last large brand of the old weapons city Suhl. The Merkel Manufacture, since 1898, pays tribute to the artistry of their engravers, the sensibility of their stock makers, the skill of their gunsmiths and the ingenuity of their engineers with every produced gun. In a history, rich with challenges and successes, the brand and the company have proven one thing: Deeply rooted in the traditions of the region is the gene for finest hunting rifles made in Suhl, Germany

Today in Suhl, located on the Friedberg, is one of the most modern production facilities for hunting rifles in Europe. In a unique in depth production, which ranges from the steel for the barrel forging machine and the wooden blank of selected quality and origin to the zeroed in hunting rifle, traditionally manufactured masterpieces as well as consequently pragmatic modern rifles for the hunt are produced. Because Merkel had in over 120 years always one thing intertwined with its DNA: the love for the principles of the gunsmith and the art of creating new ideas out of old knowledge, which is intended to explore the boundaries of the hunting world and to always push on step further.