O/U double rifles

Merkel is one of the initiators of the over-and-under guns – be it rifle or shotgun, the “Suhler Bock (over-and-under)” was characterized by the brand Merkel. The over-and-under rifle adds the advantages of the on top of each other lying barrels to the standard double rifle: precise aiming over one barrel axis and an uninhibited field of vision are part of those. But also aesthetically the slender gun cuts a fine figure. A drop-barrel classic, which is available by Merkel as handcrafted masterpiece BDB 323 or as a modern interpreted over-and-under variant B3 and Bergstutzen B4. Both over-and-under concepts – the masterpiece as well as the modern from Suhl have been given a timeless construction principle with high safety reserves and inherited precision and ergonomics. This is how beautiful hunting rifles can be, which evolutionary close in to the perfect hunting rifle.