Single shot rifles

Single shot rifles of the Merkel K class have gained a special reputation for distance shooting among precision marksmen. These single barrel guns are predestined for hunting in mountainous regions and for deerstalking. They combine easy-to-handle size with low weight – ideal prerequisites for this physically demanding type of hunting.

The K class locks with a typical MEM technology, which the Suhl gunmaker Franz Jäger patented in 1906, and which since then is considered one of the most rugged breech for single shot rifles. A steel block catches into a keyway of the barrel and locks it – the steel on steel principle applies. The tilted block breech allows a light duralumin receiver to be used, which enhances the responsiveness of the light-weight K3.

The finely tuned trigger with perfectly adjustable trigger weight is a further indication that this gun class is designed for the precision shot; as does the simple but exactly repeatable Suhl tilt-up mount. Although technically innovative, the form of this hunting gun draws on the traditional Suhl style. The stock has the Merkel curvature; the side plates are inlayed in a prism and fastened with engraved screws.

The greater weight of the K4 with its steel receiver and octagonal barrel (approx. 300 grams) makes the gun something special. It is designed for hunters who link the precision shot with the stabilising mass of the rifle – and continues the long tradition of the Merkel Carpathian rifle.