Synthetic stocks

Until a couple of years ago, the traditional hunter counted on a wooden stock: It fitted the civil character of the hunting rifle; it had proven itself over the centuries and had its very own aesthetic – the aesthetics of noble walnut wood. With the Helix, not only changing barrels has become super easy – the stock is easily exchangeable as well. This makes the robust synthetic stock a real option for day-to-day hunting. It moves through the bushes, through thick and thin, through hot or cold. It is available in different colours and different options. Therefore it is perfectly adjustable for the next hunting project. And for high class driven hunts the wooden stock is still available.

Stock variants

Different rifle systems for different hunting uses need adjusted stock shapes. Here are the standard shapes:

Synthetic stock with pistol grip, recoil absorbing butt plate

Alpinist-Stock – similar to the synthetic stock – additionally equipped with height adjustable cheek piece and bipod adapter on the fore-end

Tracker-Stock – similar to the synthetic stock – additionally with moveable sling swivel on the butt stock to use a backpack sling.

Tracker-Stock OR – similar to Tracker stock – in camo-orange