IWA 2020 cancelled

IWA 2020 cancelled Because of the continuing corona pandemic and its effects on the world economy, NürnbergMesse has decided not to hold the replacement date of IWA OutdoorClassics in September 2020.  

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120 Years Merkel: A brand redefines itself

120 Years Merkel: A brand redefines itself Exact to the day, Merkel celebrated its 120th birthday: The traditional company from Suhl was founded in September 1898 and has positioned itself as a supplier of premium hunting guns since the beginning. The jubilee program in Suhl consisted out of an official ... read more

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VIP visit at the Merkel booth on the IWA

VIP visit at the Merkel booth on the IWA The Bavarian Home Secretary, Joachim Hermann, visits the Merkel IWA booth and listens to the explanation of the "Damaszener" jubilee rifle by Managing Director Olaf Sauer (right). The jubilee rifle is limited to a small series of 120 pieces; the serial number ... read more

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IWA 2018: Highlight Helix Speedster

Highlights IWA 2018 Merkel engraver Karola Knoth elaborately interpreted the magic motives of "Hunting Magic Moments" onto the system of a Helix. Happy Winner: At a feast for the 120th anniversary of Merkel during the IWA, Manuel Matteos of Iberalia TV (Spain) has won ... read more

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Searching for old Merkel guns

Searching for old Merkel guns This year Merkel is celebrating its 120th anniversary. For this, the Suhl Hunting rifle manufacturer is searching throughout Europe for the oldest listed Hunting rifle made by Merkel. The Head of Marketing, Jean Freyeisen, stated: “Our oldest gun goes back to 1925 and is presented at the Suhl ... read more

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Visit us on the „Jagd & Hund“

Visit us on the „Jagd & Hund“ Jagd & Hund in Dortmund. From the 30.01. - 04.02.2018 Europe’s biggest hunting exhibition, the Jagd & Hund, takes place in Dortmund. Come visit us in Hall 6, booth H30 and get to know our products.

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