Handmade, individual

The system casing of the Helix – but also the other metal parts – offer a lot of room for engravings. What is possible for the artists at the Suhl manufacture is evident on the Helix Deluxe: the system casing, the magazine as well as functioning elements like the cocking lever are richly adorned with animals, leafs and arabesques. The range of bespoke guns goes even further – models like the “Whom the moose calls” all the way to the alpine “Spirit of Edelweiss” show this. There is no such thing as impossible. And if somebody just wants to set some graphical accents: it does not always have to be a handmade engraving. Laser engravings are possible as well.

Wild Boar

The engraving of this higher class edition shows a Keiler, framed by arabesques on an aluminium system casing.

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The Helix with a classic arabesque engraving. The simple aesthetics of the engraving corresponds with fine wood graining.

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Noble and individual: Three animals of your own choosing are transferred onto the system casing of the HELIX DELUXE by the Suhl engravers – enriched with leafs or arabesques. In this version, the cocking lever, the system and the magazine is richly engraved.

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Master style engravings have always been a noble feature of fine hunting rifles. This also and specially applies to the Helix – every imaginable engraving is possible, the owner of the rifle dictates the appearance. The nature of the Helix is to adjust to its owner: The Helix Custom follows this philosophy into the artistically detail.

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