HELIX Custom

Our hand-made and master-engraved hunting rifles, which are made to customers’ orders in our manufacture are truly custom made. The core of the HELIX is, to adjust itself to the need of its owner: this philosophy is further applied in the artistic details.

Merkel Mood Helix Custom
Merkel Mood Helix Custom
Merkel Mood Helix Custom

Technical Data


Straight-pull bolt-action rifle with a 1:2 transmission / closed system housing / real take-down / Barrel change option / 6 locking slugs turning head lock / Manual cocking lever / 3-round magazine (+1)


Mini calibre: .222 Rem. / .223 Rem.
Standard calibre: .243 Win. / .270 Win. / 7x64 / .308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / 8x57IS / 9,3x62
Magnum calibre: .300 Win. Mag. / .338 Win. Mag. / 7mm Rem. Mag.


Direct trigger adjustable from approx. 900 to 1.900 gramms / Optional: TAR-GT trigger smoothly adjustable from approx. 500 to 1500 gramms / gold plated trigger


approx. 3 kg (at 56cm barrel length)


Overall length 107 cm (at 56 cm barrel length)


Standard barrel (Ø 17 mm) / with or without driven hunt sights
Optional: Semi-weight barrel (Ø 19 mm) / Fluted barrel / and a lot more


Wooden stock / Custom stock making / High gloss finish / Ebony finish / engraved pistol grip caps
Optional: Lady-DS-stock / and a lot more
Woodclasses: from 8


individualised, hand-made engravings


integrated Picatinny profile as mounting basis
Optional: Mounting basis Weaver rail / Kilic mounts


5-round magazine (+1) / Merkel Suppressor / Muzzle break / and a lot more


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