The Huntress: With the Tilt Barrel Rifle and the Lady DS Stock

What is the difference between men and women when it comes to hunting? To this question, one hears again and again the answer that women are more self-controlled, cooler and often more disciplined in their hunting than their male colleagues. Anyone who knows Jennifer Reichelt can confirm this. The trained nurse is in no way inferior to a man in terms of hunting – and sometimes she even has something ahead of the men.

In her youth, she was a vegetarian – out of love for animals. It needed a hunting terrier mix from the animal shelter to get her on track. The little one had an established hunting drive and infected his owner with it. Her rifle – a single shot rifle as Stutzen, fits all the prejudices of female hunters. One shot is enough for the woman to take down even strong and resisting game – firing away is not her style.

She ordered the rifle with a Lady-DS stock. This special stock is adapted to the female anatomy. The difference? “The buttstock is shorter, the pistol grip less voluminous and steeper, the buttplate softer and differently shaped, the buttplate higher and straighter – than with the stock “for men’s figures.” Jennifer Reichelt smiles, because she sneers a bit when the talk turns to the gender difference in hunting. No wonder: women are still clearly outnumbered in the woods and meadows – but they are catching up. And they are in no way inferior to the hunters – without denying their femininity. No, the attractive brunette from Swabia who lives in Mecklenburg is certainly not a woman. She openly admits that taking her hunting license was the best decision of her life.

.308 Win. is her caliber here, and the break-barrel rifle is such a wonderfully light and manageable gun that sometimes you could almost forget it’s for shooting. “I don’t like to lug around a lot of stuff, my equipment is as closely matched to the hunting task as possible. ” What she appreciates about the lightweight break-barrel rifle is the combination of the straight stock and the universal caliber – both of which combine to provide moderate recoil: “You know how lightweight rifles tend to kick at times…” No, nothing kicks here in .308. A good team and each made of special wood: the dog, the Jenny – and the break-barrel rifle.

Single shot rifle K5

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