Combination guns

Combination hunting rifles have their range of use, where there are mixed game species in the hunting grounds – and the hunter or huntress will always have the right tool. Here, as well, Merkel offers the mostly handcrafted masterpiece combination gun 313E with sidelocks – and furthermore, modern interpretations of the combination topic.

A similarity between those guns is the drop-barrel-system. The B3 is a modern combination gun with double locks and hand-cocking system. The combination gun B4 combines precision with safety: The functioning basis are finely tuned triggers, which allow for high precision shots, in combination with a single lock system. A special technical treat is the rifle barrel adjustment located under the fore-end. The Suhl roots are shown in the details of the B-class: traditional system-stock connection, the side plates are fixated with prism technology. The typical Merkel beak is shown on the fore-end. Additionally, the possibility of an exchange barrel is given.