Drilling 96K

Drilling 96K The basis Merkel drilling is built around the 96K three-lock system; this gun is the all-rounder in the small game hunting ground. The system is a technical delicacy, which makes drillings as elegant as they are efficient. The Blitz locks are controlled via the three-position cocking slide on ... read more

Double Rifle Drilling 961L

Double Rifle Drilling 961L The new development of a particularly slim drilling receiver (28 caliber) makes the current generation of Merkel drillings ever lighter and more elegant. One version of this light species is the double rifle drilling 961L, with a driven hunt trigger. The front trigger serves as a ... read more

Rifle Drilling 961LS

Rifle Drilling 961LS Merkel manufactures two special threeshot guns as uni-type drillings. Here an extra quick single trigger system comes into operation. The front trigger serves as a single trigger for the two upper rifle barrels of the rifle drilling or the two upper shotgun barrels of the shotgun drilling. ... read more

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